Scope of Our Management Agent Services

  • Oversight of the day-to-day operations of the Development.
  • Hiring, training, supervision and related employment responsibilities for the on-site manager and pooled maintenance staff.
  • Apply effective marketing strategies to find qualified renters to keep your property full
  • Solicitation and obtaining of contracts, materials, supplies, utilities and services of the most advantageous terms to the Development.
  • Coordination, triaging and assignment of maintenance requests to the pooled maintenance staff for completion.
  • Monitoring the fiscal performance of the Development to ensure, to the degree reasonably possible, adherence to the approved budget. Communication of any variances, and proposal of corrective actions to Owner’s Representative.
  • Implement Owner-provided &/or HUD approved forms such as the application, lease agreement, etc. Provide feedback for Owner’s consideration for updating forms as needed.
  • Revision of above-mentioned forms to assure compliance with current regulations.
  • Inform Owner’s Representative of any known Development issues that create potential liability for Owner.
  • Participation in routine update meetings with Owner’s Representative, at a schedule to be determined in conjunction with Owner’s Representative.
  • Monitor and ensure completion of duties listed under Site Manager and Maintenance staff.
  • Prepare Monthly billing from St. Clare Management to the project and maintain accurate and detailed backup of all billable expenses.
  • Work in collaboration with Owner to develop Capital Improvement Budget to help utilize and estimate future needs of the Development.
  • Work in collaboration with Owner to locate funding resources (if applicable) for additional needs of project not funded by Development.
  • Work in collaboration on any Grant proposals, if applicable.
  • Review and approval of fiscal matters and compliance by St. Clare Mgt. Board of Directors to ensure the Development’s Integrity.
St Clare Management