Gifting & Supporting

A Community Comes Together

We extend our thanks to the community and our partners that supported us during difficult times.

Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services 

In February of 2022 Milwaukee County provided an opportunity for St. Clare to pick up 200 N95 masks to provide to our tenants. N95 masks are reusable and provide greater protection from all variants of airborne viruses than cloth face coverings.

The Central Standard 

In March of 2020, a dozen bottles of 16oz Central Standard Disinfectant Spray were donated by The Central Standard Distillery, a critical time at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Independence First

In February of 2021 Independence First, an agency that offers a wide range of services so people with disabilities can achieve their goals donated 400 cotton face masks which were distributed to our tenants.

Grant Received

In November of 2020 a 4imprint grant was received in which St. Clare Management was able to purchase 285 collapsible hand sanitizers with carabiner clips which were distributed to our tenants.

Donation Received

That’s Amore

In December of 2021 a dinner donation (for 20 people) for St. Clare Management was received from That’s Amore for a group that gathered together to discuss the short and long term needs and wishes of our residents.

St Clare Management